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XUV Lasers was founded to make compact extreme ultraviolet/soft X-ray lasers and related technology widely available for scientific and industrial applications. The company commercializes laser technology that includes ultrashort wavelength lasers developed at Colorado State University.

Pioneering work conducted at the group of Professor Jorge Rocca at Colorado State University during the mid 1990's demonstrated for the first time the feasibility of obtaining laser amplification at soft X-ray wavelengths in plasma columns created by fast capillary discharges. Subsequent work developed capillary discharge lasers into the highest average power tabletop coherent soft X-ray sources presently available. These unique sources have enabled tabletop experiments in nanoscale imaging, nanopatterning, single photon ionization mass spectroscopy, interferometry, dense plasma diagnostics, nanoscale ablation of materials, and other applications. Capillary discharge soft X-ray lasers developed in Colorado have been installed and are routinely used in applications in several laboratories in the United States and in Europe .

The current line of products of XUV Lasers includes the first commercially available soft X-ray lasers:

•  Desktop 46.9 nm wavelength laser. Pulse energy of 10 µJ and repetition rate up to 10 Hz.

•  Tabletop 46.9 nm wavelength laser. This custom laser was designed for applications requiring high pulse energy and/or high average power. It provides pulse energies 10-20 times higher than the desktop design and milliwatt average power.

XUV Lasers is based in Fort Collins, Colorado (USA). For all inquiries, including sales information, contact us at contact@xuvlasers.com. Our representative in South America is Tolket SRL.


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